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but what if kurt and blaine were supposed to do a run through of their duet before the wedding and they makeout instead and one of them pulls away from the kiss and says “we should practice” and the other one says “i thought we were”


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Klaine undress please? I do love when kurt watches blaine but it is yours to write so ...^^


Kurt forgets sometimes just how much of a prude he used to be. It’s only been a couple of years since things started to change but it feels like a lifetime. It’s only on his mind because his dad sent him a box of miscellaneous things from his room at home and he spent the whole afternoon reading his old journals while Blaine was at work. He wanted to slap his sixteen-year-old self a few times, but mostly it was fun to reminisce. The entry he’d written just after his dad had given him the sex talk was his favorite – in his hurried, panicked state he’d scribbled down phrases like I can’t even be nude on my own and why would you put that in there?????  He’d put a sticky note on that page so he remembered to show Blaine in the morning.

It had become routine to be nude now, especially living alone with Blaine. They would go without clothes as often as possible for the sheer thrill of it, not to mention making spontaneous sex much easier to accomplish.

On Tuesday nights, Kurt sits in bed and reads before Blaine gets home from his late shift, quickly strips, and falls into bed with his hair still gelled and his skin still coated in sweat and french fry grease. But, with his teenage journal still fresh in his mind, Kurt can’t focus on his book. He feels like a teenager again, except this time he wants to see.

Blaine looks haggard when he gets home, like every Tuesday. It’s the nature of the beast – Kurt has the long, late shift on Fridays so he knows how Blaine feels. Plus Fridays are busier than Tuesdays, but he doesn’t mention that too often because it makes Blaine scowl. Kurt sets his book aside as Blaine kicks off his shoes.

He pulls off his pants first, which Kurt has never noticed him do. If he does it all the time then Kurt’s unobservant but Blaine is weird. Blaine perches on the edge of the bed, his orange and green striped underwear stretching with the movement, and rubs his palms hard against his calves then massages the arches of his feet briefly with his thumbs. He tugs the red and black shirt over his head and tosses it hard into the corner, like he’s angry with it. Kurt watches the muscles in Blaine’s back shift and rearrange when he stands up – aching as much as his feet, Kurt is certain.

The edges of Blaine’s exhaustion seem to soften as he removes his clothes. The trappings of his corporate existence shed, he rolls his shoulders backwards once and bends over to remove his underwear. Kurt stares. He can’t help it – he loves Blaine’s ass. The skin is paler than the rest of him where it never sees the sun, and there are faint, uneven tan lines on the tops of his thighs from sunbathing on the roof in hiked-up swim shorts.

Blaine turns around and snorts out a laugh when Kurt’s eyes quickly dart away from him, trying to look like he was doing anything else but gawping.

“You were watching me,” Blaine says, crawling naked up from the foot of the bed to meet Kurt.

“So?” Kurt shrugs, trying to be casual though he can feel himself blushing. “I’m allowed.”

“I didn’t say you weren’t,” Blaine smirks and kisses Kurt, softly catching his lips before kissing each of his hot cheeks. He yawns and tugs the blankets out from underneath him, then reaches out to turn off his lamp. “Tomorrow I’m getting you back.”

klainehiatuschallenge day 39 - klaine moment that made me cry the most

I didn’t want to let you down, but Grease is a romance, and how can I play any of the scenes if I have ruined mine?




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this is the way blaine just is


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au where kurt and blaine meet at comic con, kurt cosplaying captain america and blaine freaking out over him plus sam being the embarrassing best friend~!

Based off of this art by the amazing suitfer. ~1600 words or so.

“How much do you think that costume cost him?” Sam asked, watching the man he and Blaine had just been speaking to walk away. The man, Jeremy, had been cosplaying as Iron Man and Sam was pretty sure the suit was actually made from iron. It sure looked pretty heavy.

“I think it would have been cheaper to buy the suit rather than make it, but that’s half the fun of coming to Comic Con,” Blaine said. His eyes were shining and he had a lopsided smile as he watched Jeremy stop suddenly in front of a little boy wearing an Iron Man t shirt. He clenched his fist and aimed it at the boy like he was going to fire at him, which only made the boy laugh and blink up at him in awe.

Sam laughed, looking between the matching expressions Blaine and the little boy had. “So tell me again why you didn’t dress up?”

Blaine shrugged and sighed. “I thought about it, but I couldn’t decide on who I wanted to go as,” Blaine said. He had opted to instead wear one of his button ups with a large Captain America pin. Sam had offered to lend him one of his Star Wars t shirts, but Blaine had declined. He loved Star Wars sure, but Marvel was his passion.

Sam smirked at Blaine and shook his head, amused. “Dude, couldn’t decide? Captain America is your guy. You can’t tell me that if you had dressed up, you wouldn’t have gone as him.” Blaine’s cheeks turned pink at the your guy comment, because Sam knew all about his crush on Chris Evans and would sometimes tease Blaine by making out that he was only interested in Marvel for the eye candy. Blaine gave as good as he got by mentioning Scarlett Johansson and that usually shut him up.

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