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I was consumed by my love for Chris Colfer
Olya II 27 ll Reader II Live in Belarus


you realize that Darren played Harry Freakin’ Potter and henceforth his ship name with Chris could alternatively be Struck by Lightning.


anon prompted: Could you please do this if you’re still in mpreg?chris and darren are having sex when the condom breaks, so after a while chris starts to feel the symptoms and tells darren and they’re shocked but so happy and fluff (◡‿◡✿) 

a/n: I apologize, anon, at how long it took me to get to this.  I, also, changed the prompt by having them bareback instead of having the condom break.  Hope that’s okay.

Warnings: Mpreg, barebacking

Rating: PG13 slight R

Chris arches his back and cries out, fingernails digging into Darren’s back as he spills over his fist.  He comes in waves of white, hot pleasure.  It courses through him and makes him feel incredible.  As his orgasm starts to wane, he feels Darren bury himself deep inside him one last time and be hit with his release.  The sensation of Darren pulsing inside him causes Chris to experience one last wave of pleasure.

Skin flushed, body coming down from its intense high, Chris giggles as Darren collapses on top of him in a breathless heap.  “I can’t tell if you enjoyed it or not,” he jokes as he plays with the wild curls at the back of Darren’s head.

"I hated it," Darren jokes back.  "It was awful.  So terrible I came so hard I saw stars.  I suffered."

Chris laughs.  “Well, you and I suffered together.”

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have you ever been so in love with a fictional character so fucking much you don’t know what to do, so you just spend 37 hours looking every single last detail about that character and cry.




you can totally tell chris is trying so hard not to laugh omfg

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make me choose: andersonblaines asked: shirtless chris or shirtless darren

Fic: Forever Feels Like Home, Part 5/20


Title: Forever Feels Like Home (Part 5/20)
Rating: NC-17 overall, PG for this part
Word Count: ~1700 / ~62,000
Summary: Kurt Hummel is a senior in college and he’s tired of waiting to meet his soulmate. He decides to take matters into his own hands by placing an ad in the newspaper. The response he gets is more than he could have ever imagined. Written for this prompt on GKM: Kurt sends a newspaper advertisement to find his soulmate. Blaine answers via the newspaper.
Warnings: none for this chapter
A/N: Thank you again to star55 and nachochang. I’m changing up the posting schedule from Mon/Thurs to Sun/Wed, mainly because Mondays are kinda crappy for me and tend to be a very long work day. I hope that’s okay! This chapter is on the shorter side, but they do start getting longer soon. Thanks so much to everyone reading!

From the beginning: AO3

Chapter 5: AO3

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any klaine/crisscolfer multi fic recs for me??


Hello Anon :)

Okay, this is going to be a looong list:

We’ll start with Klaine -

Little Numbers - [x]

Dalton - [x]

Roses In December - [x]

Go Your Own Way - [x]

Hearts & Homes - [x] (One of my all time favorites)

Swing Sets & Sandboxes - [x]

One More Night - [x]

Ten Cents Blues - [x]

The Conversation’s Trivial but Trivial is Fine - [x] (Possibly one of the best fics I’ve ever read. You’ll need tissues when reading this. It’s heart-breakingly beautiful)

When There’s Smoke - [x]

Prince Blaine & the Quest - [x] (Klaine + Prince Blaine + fairytales = perfection)

New Blood - [x]

Healing Hearts - [x]

There are a ton more, if you want them please don’t hesitate to ask!

Now onto CrissColfer:

Trip And Stumble - [x]

Love & Affection - [x]

Taking Root - [x] (No words to describe how amazing this fic is and so well written)

I’ve Got A Fever - [x]

When In Paris - [x]

Never Say Never - [x]

Need You Now - [x]

A Break In The Clouds - [x]

Again, if you want more, please just ask. Happy reading!


darren and chris kissing for the first time, not as characters and no pretense or film crew watching. maybe it’s a party, they’ve both had a little too much and darren’s such a clinger on the dance floor, it feels natural to just close the space between them entirely.  maybe it’s on a dare, a seven minutes in heaven at a cast party that they don’t have to take seriously, but they do. maybe it’s just between shots of a really difficult scene, darren walking chris back to his trailer to let him calm down, taking his head in his hands and showing him how wonderful he believes he is.  maybe it’s after months of tension and chemistry and something between them, spending all their time together and trying to resist and resist until everything comes to a head and they just snap, clothes on the ground and hands everywhere as they finally fall together.

and, in any case, thumping hearts and shaking hands and the peace of settling, the utter rightness that they deny, deny, deny to themselves and to each other. the denial takes none of the truth in every trembling touch—  home is right here.

hrhchriscolfer: Happy Easter from me and the Endeavor! Hope you’re having as much fun as us!

klaine + fighting/making up