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Olya II 28 ll Reader II Live in Belarus
Fic: Scary



Badboy!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine. Kurt talks a good game, but he’s met his match when it comes to the local haunted house. ~900 words, PG-13.

“Are you sure you wanna do this, babe?”

“It’s the Lima Memorial haunted house, Blaine, not a portal to Hell,” Kurt said, raising one pierced eyebrow at his boyfriend. “I think I’ll be okay.”

“You also made me kill the spider in your bathroom the other week because you were too scared to go near it,” Blaine said, skepticism undiluted by the thick lenses of his glasses.

“It was the size of a house!”

“Kurt, it was smaller than my pinky fingernail.”

“Clearly you need to go to the optometrist when we’re done here,” Kurt teased. “Are you even safe to drive me home?”

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Don’t Leave Me Lonely Now


Summary: The lovely spiritedquill requested some skank!Kurt, and I don’t even know if this counts, but I gave it a shot. Here’s some sassy, pink-haired Kurt and timid, new kid Blaine, fumbling their way into getting to know each other.

~6,000 words



"So you should be ashamed for stealing my look."

Kurt snorts. “Your look isn’t exactly new or unique.” He plops down on the couch next to her, sinking so far down he can feel the old, metal springs digging a circle into his ass. “Gimme a cigarette.”

"No," Quinn says shortly. She lifts a hand to card her fingers through his new pink hair. "I hate to admit it, but it’s a good look on you."

"Obviously. Give me a cigarette."


"Quit being a bitch. My dad confiscated mine last night and I’m going insane."

Quinn sighs and digs in the faded, leather bag beside her for her cigarettes, holding the pack out to him. He takes one out and sticks it between his teeth, then reaches over her to root around for her lighter. He finds it, lights his cigarette, and drops it on her lap.

"Gee, thanks."

"I’ll repay the favor later. I’m picking up a new pack on the way home."


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Anonymous said: This is not a real prompt, but me saying that I loved your Ink fic: it was well written and characterized, and it would be great to see more of that scenario! :)

Aw. You’re so sweet. ^.^ They’re such goofballs, aren’t they? I had an hour between classes today, so here’s another little snippet of fluff that came to mind. Didn’t have much time to edit, but I hope you enjoy!

AU: florist!Blaine and tattoartist!Kurt drabble. (PG) Based on this

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If the Sky Could Dream (4/14)


Title: If the Sky Could Dream
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 35,000
Warnings/Kinks: boypussy, underage, age difference (~300 years), angst, gender shenanigans, transphobia, religious prejudice, barebacking, swordfighting, masturbation (by a minor), minor character death, hybrids (dragon)
Summary: Dragons don’t ever really leave their princes, and the princes never really want them to go.

A/N: Dragon/Prince AU, based on this post. Thank you to tina-warriorprincessjudearaya, and itsrainingjellybeans for the beta work and invaluable insight, and to hollyhime and your-tragic-fairytale for their early help.

This story is complete. It will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until it’s done.

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Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

klaine-run-the-world requested: blaine anderson + “never feeling real remorse or taking responsibility for cheating” 

klainehiatuschallenge day 47 - favorite line blaine said to kurt

❝You are happy to see me, right?❞

I’ll go back with you, we can get your money back.






The amount of sass coming from Fandom Unfiltered on Twitter right now is fucking great.










FUCKING YES!!!!!!!! NEW ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!








I want actual ideas, Kurt.
[Fic] Don’t Bend, Don’t Break (for klaine advent prompt #15 overture)


Previously: [ 1:artist | 2:belong | 3.consume | 4:dirt | 5:echo  | 6:falter | 7:gift | 8:human | 9:ice  | 10:jigsaw  | 11:key | 12:loft | 13:message | 14:neon ]

(prompts listed in chronological order here. (I’ll update that post after I post this one). This one goes between “No Need to Be Without” and “So Many Riches”)

Don’t Bend, Don’t Break

Kurt/Adam, Kurt/Blaine | T | Drama | Set between 4x18 & 4x19, the morning after “No Need to Be Without” | warnings for Adam pressuring Kurt to have sex & the break up of a non-serious relationship | klaineadvent Prompt #15 overture | Title from Seal’s “Love’s Divine” | Kurt wants so much more than nice. (In which Adam is nice guy, but it may come with scare quotes after all.) | ~3,600 words

A grateful shout-out to the-multicorn for so patiently helping me fix up this story. <3 Any remaining flaws are not due to her diligence.

An extra note: This story isn’t super friendly to Adam, and I have been sitting on it for a while, nervous of committing myself to this version of his character, because honestly? I both enjoy and prefer the fic interpretations of Adam as wiser, kinder, sweeter, and more generous. I actually feel pretty protective of them! But, in this ‘verse, I wanted to try a different take on Adam, exploring some of the reservations I had about his character in canon. So, this is a less shiny Adam, but, I hope, still a plausible one.

And an extra warning: The story is, by design, rather uncomfortable. So if you’re worried about being triggered by it, I’m happy to address any questions or concerns.

eta: [ read on AO3 ]

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