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I was consumed by my love for Chris Colfer
Olya II 28 ll Reader II Live in Belarus
"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (23/24)


(See the masterpost for the full summary/notes/overall warnings.)

Warnings: some mentions of blood and related talk of surgery.

Blaine Anderson is heir to the ruling seat of Westerville and, from birth, has been destined for an arranged marriage—he must father an heir…


Anon requested Klaine doing this stunning pose. It’s not wanky it’s ART

Hot damn art.

The first time ever I saw your face


I know a lot of better writers will do a way better job at this than me, but, hey, I tried anyway! 

Summary : Darren has it really, really bad for his new co-worker, Chris. So bad, that he asks him out on a date the first day they meet.

Darren looked back at Chris one last time, smiling at him, before heading for the rest room. This boy, no, this man, was not only one of the most beautiful people Darren had ever seen, he was also an amazing person. So nice and caring, even if it was the first time they had met. And he even told him he had seen all his musicals and loved them. He didn’t really believe him, but just the fact that he had spent some time looking him up on the internet was already very sweet of him. 

There was also a feeling, tugging in Darren’s chest that was probably trying to tell him something. And if Darren wasn’t misinterpreting it all, what it was saying was that he had to make a move on this guy, since he was apparently single. 

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For the royal square on my ccbingo card.

Rating: R slight M

Warnings: required voyeurism

At the end of the bed he waits.  In his chest, Chris feels his heart wildly beat.  Nerves and fear build in him like a wild storm him as he thinks about what he has to do tonight.  On top of consummating a marriage with a man he only met this morning, Chris thinks of the people who will be watching.  The people who stand there to make sure it happens.  He hates that something that’s a first for him, something so intimate will be reduced to nothing because of the joining of two countries.

Twiddling his thumbs, Chris stops and looks up when the door to the room is opened.  Inside walks his new husband, Darren.

He can’t be too angry.  His husband is handsome; with a face that makes him flustered.  From the short time he spent with him today, Darren seems to be nice.  But that all came from the less than ten words they exchanged. It seems his new husband doesn’t speak too much English.  And attempting to have a conversation with him through his translator wasn’t something Chris wanted.  As he sat next to his husband at their wedding party, he bit back tears at finding himself in place he didn’t want to be found.

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Heart for Two, part 7


Vampire!Blaine/Soulmate AU, part 7 in which there’s a lot of talking and a voice from a life left behind. 

Previous parts

At first, Kurt didn’t pay enough attention to the world around him to notice that the bullying had all but stopped. His return to school had been an attempt to distract himself but he soon realized it wasn’t really working. But as soon as he was done with high school, he could leave Lima and that thought helped him get up in the morning and sit through his classes. 

It was after Christmas break that Kurt truly noticed how much things had changed. He was getting his history book from his locker when he suddenly felt a chilling feeling of being stared at and turned around to see David Karofsky staring at him with an unreadable look on his face. 

"Hi," Karofsky said awkwardly, making Kurt frown. 

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Soo I met Starkid and Darren Criss