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I was consumed by my love for Chris Colfer
Olya II 28 ll Reader II Live in Belarus
“But you know I- we love his hobbit-ish ways.”


Chris Colfer (When asked about Darren’s height)  (via lolasatsuma)

The fact that he was going to say “I love his hobbit-ish ways”

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Request frambyMerman!Blaine and seahorse!Kurt 

Fic: Beginner’s Luck 3/9 (Kurt/Blaine, d/s AU)


Beginner’s Luck
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Word count: 2,710 words this chapter
Rating: Mature for this chapter; Explicit overall.

Summary: Based on this GKM prompt: "Blaine is a sub who works part-time as a professional submissive. He non-sexually submits to Doms to help them with their need or stop their Sickness. Everything is very safe and professional. He loves his job, as he gets to help people and make them happy and healthy.

Kurt is a late bloomer, getting his Dom mark after he moves to New York. New hormones are flooding his veins and he’s terrified, as he has no experience, no Dom classes, etc, and he doesn’t know where to begin.” (Read the whole prompt here, though I’ve veered from it in a few places.)

A/N: Continued thanks to damnpene and wowbright for beta-reading and encouragement. 

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Chapter 3  

“You’re sure you’re ready for this?” Devon asked. His brow was furrowed and his voice was tight. For a moment, Kurt lost his nerve.

“I — are you? I mean, are you okay?”

“Yes, sir. I’m still green. But I don’t want you to feel like you have to push yourself. This is only your third appointment. We can do whatever you’re ready for.”

“There’s no pushing. I’m ready for this,” Kurt said. He tried to sound more convinced of it than he really was. It must have worked, because Devon relaxed almost immediately.

“All right,” he said with a slow and content smile. “All right.” He raised his arms and turned to face the wall.

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Porn Off Master Post


I have finally gotten it all up on AO3 — my stories I mean. So in case you prefer AO3, here are links to all the stories with short summaries. 

Anything You Can Do: …I can do better. Prompt: Kurt and Blaine realize they can see the couple across the alley having sex…which leads to sex.

Appreciatedprompted by anon: some Klaine intergluteal sex with a dash of dirty talk thrown in. 

At Least Say Pleasea hodgepodge of prompt bits, notably one from candco who enjoyed Bossy!Kurt and wanted more and also spinmybowtie who wanted fingering (among other things I didn’t get to). 

SlumberPrompted by likearumchocolatesouffle, who wanted sex while one of them is falling asleep or waking up.

Logisticsprompted by an anon who wanted 69ing and the anon who was down for fail!sex.

Something You Want: Prompted by likearumchocolatesouffle, who suggested crossdressing, and @perfectanomaly who suggested accidental crossdressing.

I don’t know how these cuts heal
But in you I’ve found a rhyme.


I feel like there needs to be somebody who sits in the Glee writers room and every time one of the writers suggests another break up or love triangle they just


klaine hiatus challenge  favorite klaine moment from season 3

Estelle, we’re ‘bout to get down