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Chris Colfer: “That one…was one of my favorite ones until I saw it and saw just how tight those pants were. Um, and I’m still recovering with…many therapists over that. Um, because they were not, they did not seem that tight in, in the fittings or the trailer before I came out. Just the magic of lighting, that’s what it will do.”

Old Glee Fic Fest: Near Misses


Okay, one last fic for the Old Glee Fic Fest.

If I am known for anything in fandom, it is probably Near Misses.  I wrote it during season three’s hiatuses and posted it the August before season four began.

I didn’t know Kurt and Blaine would break up in 4x04, but I knew that by being apart physically their relationship would be strained.  (I know Kurt didn’t get into NYADA in 3x22, but we all knew he was going to NYC anyway, right?  I mean, I knew the show would give that to us somehow.)  I wrote NM kind of as a love letter for the canonical pairing and all they meant to each other and gave to each other through their love and to say that no matter what happened they were better off knowing each other than not and that (to paraphrase Blaine in 5x01) in any life they were meant to be together, no matter that it happened differently in this fic than in canon.

It is my love letter to these two boys, and I really hope it makes the reader love them, too.

The Near Misses ‘verse
"Near Misses" - Kurt and Blaine might not have met on a staircase in high school. This is what could happen if they met in college instead. (A story of who Kurt and Blaine might have become without having had each other.) - 200,000 words, NC-17, goes AU from canon after 2x06, some spo!lers through 3x22 - [on the AO3]
"Facebook Official" - Kurt wakes up the second time on Sunday morning. - 3000 words, PG, set just after the main story - [on the AO3]
"Twenty-three Firsts" - Friends, places, and conversations: twenty-three firsts for Kurt and Blaine. - 58,000 words, NC-17, set just after the main story/Facebook Official - [on the AO3]
"King of the Warblers" - A Dalton-era Warbler party from Sebastian’s point-of-view. - 4200 words, PG-13, Blaine/Sebastian backstory set during their first few months of dating at Dalton - warnings for underage drinking, coercive but consensual sexual situations, and Sebastian being a jerk - [on the AO3]
"Brigadoon: A Near Misses Interlude" - Kurt’s opening night in Brigadoon. A few hours in the Near Misses ‘verse. - 11,000 words, PG - [on the AO3]
"Semester’s End" - Kurt and Blaine celebrate the last afternoon of the semester and cross off one more first. - 16,000 words, Explicit - [on the AO3]

(and I’m working on the next fic in the ‘verse as my current WiP)

All of my fic can be found on the AO3 and also organized more thoughtfully in my Glee Fic Index.

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